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    1. Travelers: If your trip is not within 72 hours, we urge you to hold off calling customer service so we can help those with more imminent travel.
      You can manage your booking online using our self-serve page. For more information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and airline travel waivers, please click here.
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      May 29, 2020
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      July 16, 2020
      July 20, 2020
      October 29, 2020
      November 3, 2020
      July 21, 2020
      July 29, 2020
      July 22, 2020
      July 26, 2020
      Fort Lauderdale
      October 30, 2020
      November 7, 2020
      September 25, 2020
      October 8, 2020
      New York
      July 23, 2020
      July 24, 2020
      September 12, 2020
      September 20, 2020
      Savings are calculated from an unrestricted published airfare of major scheduled airlines commonly known as refundable tickets. Savings may vary based on availability, advance purchase, minimum stay, travel dates, and blackout dates. Savings may change without notice and other restrictions may apply. Most discounted fares are non-refundable and have restrictions on date and routing changes after ticketing and prior to travel. Savings are based on our research of popular routes on major scheduled airlines based on 21 days advance purchase. These savings are calculated off the unrestricted "Y" class airfares only..
      one-stop shop ONE-STOP SHOP All flight itineraries are compared instantly, giving you the cheapest flight deals available on our website.
      one-stop shop OUR BEST DEALS Airline ticket deals and prices to worldwide destinations are constantly updated due to our one-of-a-kind enhanced software engine.
      one-stop shop FLIGHTHUB CARES FlightHub provides updates through email notifications, 24/7 customer support, and reminders for all of your travel needs.
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